Medical Malpractice

When you seek medical attention and treatment for injuries and illnesses, you place your trust in the training, background and care of the doctors, nurses and staff that take care of you. Throughout the process, dozens of individuals may attend to your needs, from physicians and nurses to radiologists and anesthesiologists; you trust each one to follow protocol and training so they provide the best care possible.

When they fail to do so and it results in more harm and injury, you have rights as a patient to hold these professionals accountable for medical malpractice. This is the legal recourse that allows you to seek compensation for your pain and also to protect future patients from experiencing the same pain you did.

Cincinnati And Hamilton Medical Negligence Attorney

The medical malpractice attorneys of The Shea Firm have years of experience helping clients right the wrongs caused by medical errors. We fight for the compensation that will provide them treatment to make the fullest recovery possible, as well as for the accountability that helps to prevent these accidents in the future.

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We assist clients in all medical malpractice matters, including:
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical errors
  • Emergency room errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Medical and prescription errors
  • Nursing errors
  • Radiology errors
  • Strokes and pulmonary embolism

We also represent clients in cases of failure to consult, failure to communicate, delayed diagnosis, x-ray and diagnostic image misreading, and misdiagnosis.

Cincinnati Medical Malpractice Attorney

Our team is widely regarded as one of the best medical malpractice firms in Ohio. We take a limited number of new cases each year to ensure that each client is provided the highest level of attention and preparation possible. Unlike other firms, our team of four lawyers, as well as staff, works together on each case. You will be represented by the breadth of our firm's experience and understanding.

We understand the pain you have endured. When it feels like the trust you placed in medical professionals has been violated, know that we will be by your side, fighting to make this right.

If you have been further injured or hurt by the negligence of a doctor, hospital or staff member, please contact us. We want to help.

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At The Shea Firm, we are experienced at helping patients who have been affected by medical errors. Many of the claims we file result from a failure to diagnose, which is when a medical provider fails to detect a condition before serious or fatal consequences develop.

A misdiagnosis of a disease or condition can lead to devastating results. For instance, a delay in cancer diagnosis may affect your treatment options, as well as your survival chances. In many cases, early detection is the key to a successful recovery. If the medical professional does not diagnose the condition correctly, it could become a fatal error.

We are experienced in all aspects of medical negligence relating to diagnosis, and we can help you determine whether a misdiagnosis has occurred that was below the required standard of care. Misdiagnosis is not always medical malpractice, but it might be. It is important that you find out.

Surgical Errors
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Doctors, surgeons, and their patients know that not every surgery is successful. Often there is a risk that complications may occur during or after certain procedures. However, some surgical complications can be caused by negligence. If a medical professional made a surgical error that caused unnecessary complications, he or she can be held responsible. Common examples of surgical complications and errors include:

  • Surgeons operating on the wrong area of the body
  • Performing the wrong surgery
  • Performing surgery on the wrong patient
  • Causing damage that was not explained to the patient before the surgery
  • Performing surgery when there were other options
  • Performing surgery incorrectly

If you or a loved one is suffering from severe complications from your surgery due to a doctor's error and want to seek compensation, contact our medical malpractice attorneys at Shea & Associates. We have the medical and legal background to help you with your situation. Our attorneys have 50 years of combined experience in medical legal matters. We also have a Medical Doctor and a Register Nurse on staff to offer medical advice to our lawyers.

Our lawyers have been representing victims and families of victims in all cases of medical malpractice for many years. We would be honored to assist you...

Emergency Room Errors

Every day, people go to the emergency room for their aches, pains and injuries. They entrust their ailment and lives to the emergency room doctors and nurses. Unfortunately, those doctors and nurses can see a lot of patients with a lot of symptoms and injuries in a short period of time. That is why emergency rooms can be a very stressful workplace in the healthcare profession.

Hospitals that are under-staffed or emergency rooms that are not well equipped may lead to catastrophic or fatal errors. When the necessary steps of treating an emergency room patient are overlooked, an emergency room error may result.

There are many ways that medical errors may occur in emergency rooms. Following are several kinds of errors:

• Medication errors • Misdiagnosis
• Prescription errors • Negligence
• Omissions errors • Patient "dumping"
• Failure to diagnose  

Our medical malpractice attorneys at Shea & Associates are qualified and dedicated lawyers who have experience representing patients who were victims of emergency room errors.

Medical & Prescription Errors
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Another area of medical malpractice involves the medication and prescription errors doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can make. Patients generally expect their prescriptions to be accurate and to help treat their health problems. Unfortunately, they are sometimes given the wrong prescription or dosage, with very serious, often deadly, results.

Medication errors can happen for several reasons, such as the doctor's illegible handwriting, the pharmacist's drug dispensing error, the nurse giving the wrong medication or amount, or the doctor not asking all of the pertinent questions while examining the patient. For example, a doctor examines a patient but fails to ask what other medications or supplements he or she is taking. The doctor prescribes a drug that has an adverse reaction to what the patient is currently taking and the combination of the two medications causes severe complications.

Our Cincinnati office can help recover damages sustained due to a prescription error. Many times, people do not realize the impact prescription errors will have on their lives until it is too late. Waiting to file prescription error claims will result in the loss of compensation to which you are entitled.

If you think you may have been a victim of a medication or prescription error, contact our lawyers today to learn your legal rights and options. Our team of medical malpractice attorneys has over 50 years of combined experienced helping people with their medical-legal needs. Call them today and see how they can help you, too.

Cincinnati Nurse Malpractice Attorney

Nurses and hospital staff are charged with providing you care and attention as your body is treated and heals. You trust that these individuals will provide the highest quality care possible. Hospitals have specific protocols and procedures in place to ensure that every patient is provided this level of care.

Cincinnati And Hamilton Nursing Negligence Lawyer — Representing Victims Of Nursing Errors

When nurses fail to follow these rules or make careless errors, the results can be devastating. If you or a loved one have been hurt due to nursing error, there are steps you can take to hold the responsible parties accountable and seek compensation to make the fullest recovery possible.

These errors often include:
  • Failure to follow physician orders, policies and procedures
  • Anesthesia or medication errors
  • Failure to adequately monitor patients
  • Failure to report important changes in the patient's condition
  • Failure to communicate with attending doctors and physicians
  • Failure to perform proper checks and tests
  • Failure to respond to patient calls
  • Emergency room errors
  • Improper use of restraints resulting in falls or injury

Many of these critical errors stem back to a violation of a hospital policy. It is the hospital's responsibility, however, to ensure that all policies are followed.

At The Shea Firm, we hold hospitals and nurses accountable for the harm caused to patients as a result of nursing or staff errors. These cases can be difficult to pursue on your own, as hospital administrators go to great lengths to ward off liability claims. We will relentlessly advocate for you, finding the evidence and documentation to support your claim. We understand the immense strain you are under following these types of injuries, and our attorneys will do everything within their power to recover the compensation you need.

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Cincinnati Radiology Error Lawyer

Radiology scans are common tools for diagnosis and early detection of conditions that can be life threatening when not treated. While these tests may save lives, if not conducted or read properly, vital medical signs can be overlooked, causing death or illness that could have been prevented.

These scans — such as X-rays, sonography (ultrasound), radiology study, MRI, CT scan, PET scan and VQ scan — are used in hospitals and clinics every day, and patients trust the insight they provide.

Cincinnati And Hamilton Radiologist Malpractice Attorneys

Common radiology errors include:
  • Technicians and staff that fail to properly conduct tests
  • Misinterpretation of the results, leading to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Communication errors between radiologists and treating physicians
  • Improper conclusions by the doctors or staff
  • In some cases, the radiologist may use too much radiation, harming the patient.
  • Significant harm can also occur when the doctor or radiologist uses interventional radiology to treat a condition. This allows the doctor to enter the body with minimal invasion.

If you or a loved one has been hurt because of a misdiagnosis or improper interpretation of lab results, there are legal steps you can take to hold the hospitals and clinics accountable. The Shea Firm is are dedicated to advocating for injured patients. We understand the toll this has taken on you and your family, and we will relentlessly advocate to ensure that you are provided the compensation you are entitled to.

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Cincinnati Stroke Injury Attorney

Strokes, pulmonary embolisms and other attacks caused by blood clots kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. These occur when oxygen cannot reach the brain, lungs or other vital organs, generally due to a blood clot or when there is a bleed in the brain, such as when the blood fails to coagulate properly.

An unacceptable number of these cases have actually been linked to medical malpractice and a doctor, nurse or staff member who misdiagnosed the symptoms leading up to the attack. Because of this, the wrong treatment or medication may have been prescribed.

Cincinnati And Hamilton Pulmonary Embolism Injury Lawyer — Representing Victims Of Medication Errors

In other instances, doctors, nurses or staff may mismanage medication that is prescribed, causing an imbalance in the levels of anti-coagulation of the blood. These medications include Coumadin or Warfarin, Lovanox and Heparin.

Simple patient care errors can also lead to these attacks. It is important that hospital and care facility staff make sure that the individual is moving about and walking, if possible, to ensure that the blood is moving, and clots are not forming. There are also products, such as compression boots, that are available and should be utilized by the staff to protect the patient's health.

If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, pulmonary embolism or other life-threatening attack that could have been prevented, there are steps you can take to hold the responsible parties accountable. At The Shea Firm is highly skilled and experienced in medical malpractice matters, and we are prepared to recover the compensation needed.

We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances and care leading up to the attack and find instances where you should have received better care. The investigation process can be complicated by hospital administrators and insurance companies, and many people are unsuccessful when pursuing these claims on their own. Rest assured: our lawyers will advocate relentlessly on behalf of you and your family.

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