Cincinnati Contract Dispute Lawyer

Contracts are the foundation of most businesses' operations and growth. It is vital that the company has sound contracts and that those contracts are enforced. The attorneys of The Shea Firm are experienced in representing clients in all contractual matters, from the drafting of the agreements to the enforcement of the contract.

Cincinnati and Hamilton Breach of Contract Lawyer — Handling Violation of Contract Disputes

If you suspect that the other party is violating the terms of a contract, we will begin investigating the matter. Through thorough documentation and investigation, our attorneys will build a breach of contract case against the offending party to hold that individual to the terms of the contract or litigate if he or she fails to do so.

Operational Contracts

We will pursue claims of failure to pay, failure to deliver, defective goods, failure to deliver in a timely manner and other unacceptable situations that threaten to hurt your business.

Employment Contracts

Each business relies on a variety of contracts to provide structure for employees. We provide representation in all employment contracts, including noncompete agreements, hiring contracts, termination and benefits agreements.

We also assist in business-to-business collections. If you are not being paid back the debt owed to you by another business, we can intervene to ensure that you are repaid what you are owed.

Our firm assists in resolving these conflicts in the most effective and efficient manner possible, understanding the impact a drawn out battle could have on your business.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your contract needs or a possible dispute, please contact a Cincinnati contract dispute lawyer at our Ohio law firm today at 513-621-8333.