Cincinnati Insurance Coverage Lawyer

Insurance companies increase profits by paying out as little as they can on claims. Sometimes this is a fair amount. All too often, however, the company fails to pay an adequate amount for the accident or injury that has occurred.

The attorneys of The Shea Firm/a> provide representation to individuals and businesses seeking to recover the compensation they deserve from the insurance companies. These disputes can be difficult to win on your own, but our firm has the experience and skill in negotiations and litigation to recover what you deserve.

Cincinnati and Hamilton Insurance Litigation Lawyer Representation Against Insurance Companies

Several types of issues generally arise in these disputes. Often there is conflict regarding what was covered in the policy and what was explicitly not covered. If there were glaring omissions and gaps in coverage, a claim can be put together to argue that the insurance company or agent should have known to sell the individual the additional coverage. We will investigate these errors and show where you should have been covered, or where your coverage extends, but they will not pay.

Our attorneys will also pursue matters of insurance bad faith where the insurance company intentionally does not cover or compensate enough on claims that deserve far more than what is being offered. We also have handled numerous cases where disability insurance companies refused to pay valid claims.

A failure of the insurance company to cover a claim adequately can set a business back financially. Our representation is thorough: we meticulously prepare and investigate the matter to ensure that you are provided what you need and deserve.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the insurance claim and the obstacles you face, please contact a Cincinnati insurance coverage lawyer at our Ohio law firm today at 513-621-8333.