Cincinnati Noncompete Agreement Lawyer

When employees are hired at a company, they are often required to sign certain noncompete agreements. These contracts insist that any intellectual property, trade secrets, inside information or client insight the employee gains while working for the company remains classified. When the individual parts ways with the company and moves on to another job, he or she must abide by the terms of that noncompete agreement, not divulging any confidential information to his or her new company, and typically not calling on specific customers. These secrets include client lists, geographical insight, proprietary information and other sensitive details within the business's operations.

Cincinnati and Hamilton Competition Clause Attorney — Noncompete and Employment Agreements

At The Shea Firm, we assist companies in creating noncompete agreements that serve their best interests, looking to the future and a potential parting of ways with the employee being hired. Our attorneys create noncompete contracts with definite terms that neither overreach nor infringe on the employee's rights, but are comprehensive enough to protect the business.

The hiring company generally draws up the noncompete agreement. Therefore, it has power over what the individual must agree to. It is not uncommon for employees to negotiate the terms of these agreements. We are equipped to handle these negotiations, providing a resolution that assuages the employee's concerns while protecting vital interests and secrets of the company.

Our firm also represents companies and employees in the enforcement of these contracts. Should the business feel that a former employee or if an employee feels that the buisnessviolated the agreement, our contract law attorneys will build a case to enforce the contract in court.

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